How I Became A Rock Star Integrator: CEPro Uncovers The Story Behind Audio One

Uncategorized May 20, 2019

I recently dug into my archives and came across an article from 2010. For this story, I spoke with CEPro writer Tom LeBlanc about how to become a well known integrator in the custom installation industry. We also discussed the luxury A/V company I founded, Audio One, and how we carved a niche working with rock stars and celebrities.

LeBlanc writes:

“Frangioni doesn’t give the...

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Inside The Early Days of MIDI: An Interview With Growin’ Up Rock

interviews Apr 15, 2019

In a recent episode of Growin’ Up Rock, I sit down with co-hosts Steven Michael and Sonny "Hollywood" Pooni to explore the early days of MIDI technology. Listen below.

Working with new tech such as MIDI was an integral part of establishing my home studio business. As such, we dig into the early days of my work and discuss how I parlayed that experience into a gig serving as...

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Interview On The Strange Brew: What It's Like To Work With Ozzy Osbourne And Aerosmith

interviews Apr 10, 2019

In an article for The Strange Brew, Editor Jason Barnard and I explore how MIDI shaped the music industry, Aerosmith’s production process in the early ‘90s, and more.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • My favorite tracks I was involved in over the years.
  • What it's like working with Ozzy Osbourne and Aerosmith. 
  • A memorable—and humorous—story from...
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Drummer's Resource Podcast: How To Create Something From Nothing

interview Apr 09, 2019

In a recent interview on the Drummer’s Resource podcast with Nick Ruffini we discuss everything from why I started playing the drums at two years old to my thoughts on having a day job while pursuing your dreams.

Throughout the episode, Nick hones in on some incredible insights. Specifically, the idea of training yourself to repeatedly create something out of nothing and how to start...

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6 Technology Breakthroughs That Transformed The Music Business

music technology Mar 27, 2019

Technology has changed the world and the music industry has reaped a lot of benefits. Read on to learn about the biggest technology breakthroughs in music I’ve experienced throughout my 25+ year career in the music, technology, and A/V businesses.

Music has long been a dance between creative advancements and technological ones. Since humans began singing together, inventing musical...

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